Brett originally started off studying graphic design and print at college, then went on to freelance in the graphic design industry. Brett has always been interested in the car scene, and after spending time modifying his own car, a Vauxhall Nova, which featured as a cover car in Fast Car magazine, he decided to move into the car industry. Firstly fitting clutches and brakes then breakdown recovery where he learnt a lot about the general problems with cars and how to solve them. After a few years Brett moved into his preferred area of the car industry, Car Audio.


During his time with a top audio company Brett enjoyed building custom audio installs, including door and boot builds, Brett also became a qualified Llumer window tinter.

Brett, along with his brother Scott decided it was time to set up their own company using all the knowledge they had learnt over the previous 10 years.

Brett now owns a Lotus Espirt which is in the process of being custom built.